A day in the life of CS:GO manager

Posted on February 10, 2017

Our CS:GO squads manager Peeter “RedEye” Sikk gave a brief overview on what it is like to be a team manager in e-sports scene. What are the day-to-day obstacles and challenges with what he has to constantly deal with.

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Since there are only few e-sports organisations in Estonia, there are a lot of questions about how the things work and what are the main so called jobs for each person. Since I’m the manager of the current Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team I will talk a bit about the role.

Firstly the main thing, in my opinion, is keeping the relationship between the players calm and stress free. Sometimes after stressful games and miscommunications that lead to not winning the game some of the players might say something unnecessary and they might get into fights with each other. That’s the place where I step in and just keep things calm and trying to help them to express themselves in a calmly manner while talking through the game mistakes. Team works the best when everyone gets along well and have no problem with each other. To quote S1mple from the last ELEAGUE player profile “If you are in a team and have a problem, it means that the whole team has a problem, and they should fix it together”. The team is like your second family.

The second important thing is to set them goals and help them to improve their game. When setting the goal you can’t set the bar too high up if you don’t know the team and what they are capable of. From that you will need to find matches to slightly raise the bar and push the team to their new limits. Being the additional pair of eyes over the game I have the opportunity to see the mistakes that they might not see and after the game analyse them and see what we can do together and what to improve, and where can we grow together as a team.

Third thing is quite simple. After a long day of gaming everyone in the team needs to relax and thanks to the great sense of humour that the guys have, we can joke around with everything. That’s one way to relax and let off the steam by the end of the day.

Being the team manager isn’t the easiest of a jobs, but if you are committed to it and doing it with a passion for the e-sports and the for the game, it’s one of the most rewarding jobs. After all that work you put in the team and after you see the result of your team work, it almost makes everything up for that.


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