Boom eSports academy – announcing CS:GO roster

Posted on November 17, 2016

Merely 24 hours have passed since our last big announcement about Boom’s new Academy team in Rocket League. Now we have the utmost honor to welcome five new Boomers into our ranks.
After the acquisition of Zyptex CS:GO lineup Boom Academy proudly presents to you the following guys – who will be showing off their skills in orange now!

Raido “rkL” Kuldmets
Hanno ” seiylem” Randmer
Andri “pARAA” Poolakese
Rainer “2Rare2Die” Selge
Mardo “AB” Nurk

And here’s what Raido “rkL” Kuldmets has to say about our new found friendship and co-operation:

I would like to thank BooM eSports for this opportunity. Me and my team have long-term plan to develop our skill and teamwork with right attitude. If you approach something with right attitude then everything is possible.

We want to surprise everyone.

And for that we are gonna play our hearts out.


In the coming months we will hopefully see some sick frags and superb sportsmanship from these guys.

Welcome new #Boomers!

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