Boom eSports acquires Cerberus eSports Europe CS:GO team

Posted on June 13, 2017

Boom eSports is glad to announce the acquisition of Cerberus eSports’ EU CS:GO team alongside with the management partition of the team. We have been keeping our eye on those talented young players and we see great future in them.
For our current CS:GO team nothing will change with that acquisition, only that we will add another competitor to the scene, but this time around the competition would be in-house, meaning that our brothers in arms can now face each other during local LAN parties and online matchups.
With the change we have at hand we will bring in rebranding to our CS:GO teams and from now on out our two academy teams will be called Boom Academy White and Boom Academy Black – as the Cerberus line-up stepping into the shoes of the “Black” team and our previous team will fit in the role of the “White” team.

In the words of Peeter “RedEye” Sikk, our General Manager:

It is a great honour to get to find the people with same mindset as our own and who aim to achieve the same results as we do. With this addition I believe that we can achieve even more and work ourselves from the ground and to up high. The Cerberus eSports CS:GO team now will be named as Boom Academy – Black and our old line up Boom Academy – White. We hope that the young and talented team can achieve the goals they set themselves and bring the victories home.

In the words of Arvi “Manager” Alamaa, our CS:GO Black Team Manager:

Every end is a new beginning. I was over a year the ringleader of the Cerberus eSports, but doing it alone you can not manage everything. All the experience gathered from that time is priceless and has made me better than in the beginning of the journey.

My dream always has been to create a professional team and to participate in large tournaments. I believe that this is doable with Boom eSports. We might not know how long it will takes us to do, but someday it will happen and what’s most important, is that here are ambitious and motivated people who fight for the same results and aim up high.

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