Boom eSports Dota squad is participating InsaLan

Posted on February 23, 2018

On 24th to 25th of February, our Dota 2 team is attending one of the biggest LAN parties in France called InsaLan. We asked our team coach and analyst cArn to share some thoughts and expectations about the tournament :

InsaLan is basically a LAN organized by students at the INSA engineering school every year and has kind of become part of the tournament circuit here in France, especially for DotA that doesn’t really have many of them, so most if not all French teams show up there. We’re going there with only one goal and expectation, and it is obviously to win, we won’t be satisfied by anything less than that. I also want us to crush the competition to make it evident to everyone that we are not on the same level as the rest, and the one and only French team to look out for and follow in future international competitions. It is however a tournament organized in a fun environment where people come to have fun, hang out, eat some good food and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere compared to the more serious LANs, so we will also be having fun. It’ll be a good opportunity to bond as a team in our first offline event before we get to the more serious ones.

To know more about InsaLan head on over to https://www.insalan.fr/ and to keep yourself up to date about how our dota 2 squad is doing at InsaLan you can check out our social media sites!



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