Boom eSports partners up with ESL

Posted on February 24, 2017

Boom eSports is glad to announce yet another partnership with a great company. This time around we are pleased to let all of our fans know that we have taken a step forward for our viewers.
Boom eSports has partnered with ESL (Electronic Sports League), which is the largest eSports event company in the world and the oldest professional eSports organization that is still operational.
Through the partnership with ESL, BoomCast will now bring you the plays from ESL Pro Leagues, ESL National Championships, ESL One series and of course Intel Extreme Masters (IEM). So in essence professional eSports will be broadcasted straight to your computer through our new twitch channels and all of that in Estonian and with the greatest casters from Estonia.
This addition to our partner section means a great deal to us and hopefully that excites you as well.

You can follow our ESL channels:

Please let us know in the Facebook comments what pro-games would you like us to broadcast first and what major event should it be!

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