Boom eSports partners with Coolbet

Posted on January 30, 2017

We are glad to announce the partnership between Boom eSports and Coolbet – in the lights of the newfound partnership we’ve asked few questions from Coolbet’s Chief Marketing Officer Ervin Järvlepp. You can see these answers below.

As the first betting company in Estonia to step into professional e-Sports what are your thoughts on e-Sports in general?

On a global scale e-sports is growing very rapidly with some of the major events attracting more than 40,000 live spectators and over a million online viewers. This figure is estimated to increase year-by-year. E-sports is quickly becoming similar to major league sports in terms of its structure and Coolbet wishes to contribute to its growth in Estonia. We strongly believe that e-sports is the logical development of gaming into a fully professional sport and just like in other fields, e-sports teams are in need of managers and sponsors that could help them focus on training and competing for top places in the world.

Coolbet also has a section for e-sports betting, is there a plan to expand it – say maybe to Estonian events?

Coolbet already offers one of the best, if not THE best e-sports product in Estonia by providing odds for most major competitions. When we talk about gaming in Estonia, we can already say that we’ve come a long way during the past 10 years. Nevertheless, we have even a longer journey ahead of us to build up the e-sports community in Estonia and facilitate the cooperation with Baltic and other Scandinavian countries. Coolbet is a very flexible company with highly skilled bookmakers who can compile odds on any events. Just look at our previous odds – we’ve offered local Estonian politics, special odds on Donald Trump, we have even calculated the probabilities on who wins the Estonian TV show “Su Nägu Kõlab Tuttavalt. In a similar manner, we have the capabilities to offer betting on local Estonian events even with limited information (which is likely to happen when we start seeing more completely new teams competing).

What is Coolbet – brief introduction to the company?

We are an Estonian company, operating under the Estonian license and our HQ is based in Tallinn. We started building Coolbet in the beginning of 2015 and finally in May 2016 we opened our doors in Finland, Sweden and Norway. In November we finally opened up in our home country Estonia. We may be new, but we have good experience in the company with the most impressive background coming from our founder Jan Svendsen who has also founded Triobet and Nordicbet (which were acquired back in 2012).

Coolbet has 3 unique points:

  • We are open with our customers to the extent that we even show our turnover and what other players are betting on.
  • We have better odds on most popular leagues and matches. Coolbet keeps a lower profit margin than competitors and gives more back to customers with higher odds.
  • Our aim is to bring responsible gaming to a whole new level and this is supported by our world-class customer service.


Are you looking for a talent to join your team?

Coolbet is growing very quickly. At this point we have 60 people in our team and we’re continuously expanding. Currently we’re looking for an HR Manager, VIP manager and cool people into our Support team. You can find more details in our Career page.

CEO of Boom eSports – Kristjan “Koffer” Hiis’s comment on the partnership:

We are utmost proud to announce this partnership between one of the best eSports team in Estonia and the best online betting site that operates in Estonia – Coolbet. This shows us that we have been on the right track all along and we are striving to get better all day long!

The partnership between Boom eSports and Coolbet gives us the unique chance to start growing faster and towards new stages and ideas that we have had for many years. In addition to Boom growing we can now give back something to our fans who have longed for some Boom merchandise! With that in mind we can also announce that Boom eSports will bring out a new clothing line for our most dedicated fans and soon you can buy them from our online shop.


Welcome to the Boom family Coolbet!

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