Boom eSports parts ways with the CS:GO roster

Posted on February 8, 2016

It is with our deepest regards that we have to inform you the disbanding of Boom eSports CS:GO team.

We decided to part ways with the squad after ongoing disagreements within the team and many mishaps had been made. For now Boom is stepping down from the CS:GO arena and stepping into new and wild adventures. As always we would like to sincerely thank our ex-Boomers L3nz, Supsti, Shokz, Foux, fRontz, SamVan and last but not least Klennu for giving us such a ride in the CS world and brought us so many emotions throughout the past half a year.

Here are some of our picks from the frags that the team had throughout the period we were #Booming!

Have a look at them:

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