Boom eSports welcomes Hearthstone

Posted on February 20, 2017

We are more than happy to welcome new boomers into our cozy little (well not so little any more) family. Our fans have seen us grow over the past few months, we have brought in Overwatch, CS:GO, Rocket League, Talent team and of course our latest addition was our beloved streamer Joel. However, this is not enough and we’re not stopping right here – we have added five new Hearthstone players to our Academy ranks and in addition to the five players who are joining us, there will be a prospect player that our Hearthstone manager Elari Reili will be coaching and helping along the way.
We are utmost proud to add these young and highly potential players to our family. Join us in welcoming the newborn boomers!

Najmul “Gameover” Mahmood
Märten “prom2tu” Aardevälja
Brandon “d3zir3d” Pähn
Martin “renjumastaaa” Hõbemägi

Jamie “scully” Scullion

And the prospect player
Sigrid “siku” Tamme

Their manager Elari Reili had the following to say:

My current goals with the team is to set the bar high. But due to the young age of the team I am putting my resources and energy to the development of player’s individual skill. My main goal is to qualify for the majors(IEM, HS WCS and so forth). I try to give as little responsibilities for the players so they could focus on self-improvement and good results. In my eyes every player has to have their own milestones what they want to achive, I will be the person who will help them achieve those goals.

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