Boom eSports wins the InsaLan Dota 2 tournament

Posted on February 26, 2018

13th InsaLan has now been concluded and without a doubt we’re coming out of it as the happiest team in Dota 2. With a great victory over wé Solu our squad got the sweet 2-1 win in the grand finals.
The boys were playing at InsaLan starting from Friday when they faced three teams from Group B (Ninchat, Shiprekt Boyz, Happy Ward Friends) and won every game in the group stage coming out of it as the top team in Group B.

Coming from the groups and moving towards the final bracket, we were unstoppable until the grand final. In the first round of brackets we faced Tactical Feed Gaming, who was shut down 1-0 by us and we had advanced to the next round now facing Best Papou Players, with 1-0 ending to this game as well we had to take on wé Solu in the Winner Bracket finals – a decisive 2-0 score was nailed to the scoreboard as we sent team wé Solu to the Losers Bracket finals.
In Lower Bracket wé Solu was greeted by Best Papou Players, who we managed to shut down two rounds ago, and wé Solu proved that they are final worthy and took the victory over Best Papou Players.
In the grand finals wé Solu still managed to creep one victory to their side ending the tournament with 2-1 and a very sweet victory to Boom eSports.

Lineup for this event was as follows:

Benjamin “Snow” Lorin
Alexandre “Nikki” Philippe Bourjade
Iannis “Matrice” Toussaint
Nabil “Khal Yateh” Brahim Yateh
Souaib “cArn” Hanaf
Andris “Aliter” Paškovskis

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