Boom eSports wins TTÜ e-sport 2016 Overwatch

Posted on November 29, 2016

Boom eSports won the TTÜ e-Sport Autumn 2016 Overwatch championship tournament. As they have proven themselves in Estonia – we’re looking to expand their skills in the Europe scene and take them as a first semi-professional team in Boom.
By saying all of that – we’re super excited to let everyone know that the team has been qualified into the Boom eSports Academy.

Boom eSports Overwatch lineup – as follows:

Aleksandr “ZiCdaMASTA” Smirnov
Indro “deathwish” Malleus
Lars Johannes “Nuffenzo” Sissas
Endri “midy” Soomere
Alvar “evilmojo” Pungar
Kristo “Yoko” Kivimägi

Also Kristo “Yoko” Kivimägi placed as Wolt’s favorite in overall gamers – he got some free food on top of winning the title of best OW team in Estonia!

Here’s what the team captain Aleksandr “ZiCdaMASTA” Smirnov has to say:

1) Would you be pleased to accept the invite to Boom academy as the first official Overwatch team?

It is a great honour for us to join Boom academy.

2) How was the TTÜ tournament for you guys?

TTÜ e-Sport Autumn 2016 was our first LAN tournament. This was a massive experience for us.
Group stage was pretty easy and we managed to win all games 2:0.
In playoffs team Präänikud and KappaPride learned how to play as a team and showed us a good performance.
We enjoyed all games and had a good challenge against them.
We won semifinals against Präänikud 2:1 and finals vs KappaPride 3:1.
Tournament was very good, no delays, all went smooth, stream was fun to watch.

3) At any point, was the tournament hard for you?

We underestimated our enemy in semifinals and lost our first map. But we managed te step-up and won second and third.
Finals… We lost first map again. Second and third were very hard and we had a draw on both however we dominated tiebreakers on Ilios.
Fourth map (Dorado) was very close but we showed a good defense on last checkpoint and won it.

4) How long have you guys practiced together?

Half of our team has been playing together since June, but with actual lineup we are playing together since October.

5) What are in your plans – where to go? What leagues to win?

We will participate in ESL and GosuGamers online tournaments and hope that we will win one of them one day


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