Boom hearthstone is expanding

Posted on February 15, 2016

As the new era of Boom has started and the CS:GO team being disbanded under Boom’s lineups we are happy to inform all of our Boomers the fact that we won’t be staying out from the professional e-sports for a long time, actually we’re striving towards the opposite. With new Boomers joining in our HearthStone team, we are more than happy to announce that we are currently looking for more talented HearthStoners from Estonia and EU in general. If you find yourself on the top of the brackets constantly and thinking to yourself that why haven’t you had a chance to step up your game (professionally) this might be the option you have been waiting for.
Come join the Boom family and lets achieve greatness together.

Current lineup for Boom.HS

Max “Exited” (On a temporary leave)
Mårten “prom2tu” Aardevälja
Kristjan “Maxi” Kesküll

Come and join this talented group of gamers, and lets Boom together.

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