Dota 2: An update from Manager

Posted on January 14, 2018

The new year has just started, and already our Dota 2 squad were in action on 7th January when another ESL’s Go4Dota2 tournament took place. As the preparation for the up-coming open majors and InsaLan which starts at the end of February, it was time put practice into the fields of dota and test it out.
We had a meeting right before playing it where I laid out some of our objectives for the upcoming LAN, how I wanted to us to crush the competition and explaining why we should, which for some reason led to some of the best dota we’ve played yet” Said the team coach Souaib “cArn” Hanaf

On the first round, unfortunately boys got default win, so they had to wait their next round opponent. Without having a warm-up first round game the team struggled for a bit, as they found themselves behind. However they managed to bring the tides to their side and won the game!
1/16 round against team Infinite whom were seeded #12 on the table. They were challenging at first but once again the guys managed to get the victory on their splash-screens.

Souaib “cArn” Hanaf added: “The rest of the tournament was pretty easy, even the finals were very one sided in our favor. I have to give the MVP to Aliter for this tournament, the talk we had beforehand seemed to have fired him up and he was not only drafting well, making big plays and taking control of the games by leading the team making the right calls in all different situations we encountered.

250€ of prize money +100 ESL points for Boom’s Dota 2 had been bagged after a fairly one sided Final in our favor.
Next challenge that will be up ahead is the PGL Major qualifiers.

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