Dota Squad starts JDL Divison 2

Posted on February 12, 2018

Our Dota 2 squad started their long waited JDL Division 2 season.
In Europe division there is 3 groups on the stage, where our team is on 3rd group.
Every team plays 2 games against each other, and the top 2 teams who has won most points during the season will have a chance to compete for spot in Division 1.
The first game supposed to be against Team ЯReplika, but they failed show up to their previous games as well and got disqualified from the league, with that Boom eSports Dota2 squad had gotten a default win.
Second game was against Ascend who already had a great win behind them in the previous round, so the first game was going to come a really tough cookie.

Dota 2 captain Aliter comments:

1st game – Enemies were coming on top of most fights that we did and they started to slowly take control of game/map/gold/exp so we changed our strategy and decided to dodge the fights and split push/trade objectives instead. With that decision things started to go in our favour regarding map control, gold, experience and enemies also understood that so they went for risky big push down middle lane and we decided to trade raxes with them but because of our decision of how to approach that situation we came out with getting all 3 rax but enemies got 1 and half (melee rax). After that since enemies couldn’t leave their base we farmed up what we needed, took rosh and went to finish game.

As for the second game Aliter had the following to say:

Second game we just simple totally split pushed them whole game till victory without taking any real team fight. They lacked mobility and catch in their lineup (they lineup is meant to group up and push as 5) so we abused their weakness and forced them to play our game at which we were much stronger, picking them off on lanes while defending tower alone and also naix freely pushing sieging high ground since they have nothing against rage.

With a decisive 2:0 victory for our Dota 2 team the squad had advanced to the next round which will be played against Team Invincible in JDL.
But we are in the battle already on 15th of February when we take part of FTVL and against Postviseur.

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