Dota2 squad victorious at Go4Dota 2 Europe Cup #146

Posted on January 19, 2018

Last weekend, there was some action once again in the Dota 2 scene, when weekly ESL Dota cup (Go4Dota 2 Europe Cup #146) took place. This time our Dota team were seeded as #1 in the brackets and were looking to pick up another great victory, as we were defending champions from last time.

The matches we had this time around were against teams from all over Europe and in the finals we met with a team called Velvet Gaming from Kazakstan.
With teams like Sinister5 from South Africa, London eSports from various countries of Europe, Team Botove from Bulgaria and Falcon from Russia (with love).

The hard part started in the semifinals against Russian squad Falcon, where we had to show our best Dota, because we struggled and were behind in game, but just at the edge on one hour mark, we managed to win the crucial team fight, where all the buybacks were made from the enemy team and a great victory was in our hand. MVP once again to our captain “Aliter” whose crucial glimpse move with Disruptor gave us very important kill against enemies.
In the grand final against Velvet Gaming, we made some game plan changes. We we were leading and keeping control over the games starting phase. At half a hour mark, it was GG and Boom eSports once again won the tournament to defend their title!

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