Follow up: Boom eSports Academy and Community

Posted on November 16, 2016

Following the post from yesterday where we announced Boom Academy we’re going a bit in-depth with what Boom Academy means to us and what is our addition of Boom Community!

Boom Academy consists of multiple teams that are showing great deal of iniciative and great performance, they might be amateurish but they show signs of rapid improvement.

Academy teams will not find any sorts of financial support from the organization, but they will have the possibility to grow into Boom Professionals (our flagship team) inside the organization, which would be a great motivator to improve your skills and train hard.

As we mentioned before on our post we’re seeking academy enrolls for all kinds of games, so if you feel that you could potentially be someone very good in the future and you wanna navigate to victory with Boom eSports – then it’s your time to send the e-mail to admissions@boom-esports.org

What we’re trying to achieve with Boom Academy is the fact that nearly no-one is giving the chance to teams who aren’t standing out. We’re trying to change that – by giving them a chance to play under the name of one of the biggest Estonian eSports clubs. Motivation is essential to these guys and girls, and giving them a sight to roam towards to is our calling. Note that all the Academy teams will be hand picked and their proven track record in game is needed for us to verify their skill level.


When it comes to Boom Community, then the subject is a bit different. Boom eSports Community is open to everyone at all times – that’s simply because maybe you do like our brand and would like to show it off to your mates or other people in game. You’re more than welcome to join our community where we also will be posting our latest news and information about giveaways and raffles.
So if you feel like a Boomer at heart you’re more than welcome to join our Community lineup.

Boom eSports Official Steam Group:      http://steamcommunity.com/groups/boomesportsOfficial
Boom eSports Academy Steam Group:  http://steamcommunity.com/groups/boomesportsacademy
Boom eSports Community Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/boomesportscommunity

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