InterLAN 2017 – Day two, end of the line for Boom eSports

Posted on December 10, 2017

Unfortunately we did not make it to the third day of InterLAN, during the playoffs on the second day we went against aesthetic in the first round (RO32) and were defeated by them with a score of 10:16.

From there we had to make our way up again being in the lower bracket where our first contender was Team X whom we managed win with a score of 16:10. With the win against Team X we advanced the round against sadboys and sadly the outcome of the match was a defeat with a score of 3:16. This was also our last game at InterLAN 2017.

The top three teams have not yet been placed, but the competition for the trophy is going on between godz.ee and SKINLORDZ (who came from the upper bracket) and EVILNINE who made their way through the lower bracket.

Do not miss the live coverage of InterLAN 2017 provided by Boom Media –  https://www.twitch.tv/interlan_official

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