InterLAN 2017 – First day

Posted on December 9, 2017

First day of InterLAN has now concluded and the group stage has been finished placing Boom eSports in the second place of Group 8.

CS:GO Squad at InterLAN

We had a tough run on our first match of the day which was delayed for quite some bit, but we managed to clinch a tie against Kuritöö ja Karistus with the score of 15:15 (map: de_train).

On the next round of games, we went against the favourites of the Group 8 (Skinlordz LV) and sadly we didn’t perform as we would’ve wanted in that game and we got the first loss of the day with a score of 13:16 (map: de_inferno)

Third and last map of the day was de_nuke for us which we played against nAmb. Bringing the night to an end we managed to make the most out of it and won the match decisively 16:0.


Boom eSports will proceed to the playoff phase due to the score difference, meaning that we have won 8 rounds more than Kuritöö ja Karistus.

In the playoffs, our first contender is set to be aesthetic who came out from the group phase with three wins and one tie (16:1, 15:15, 16:2, 16:10)


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