Boom eSports finalize Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster!

We are very happy to announce our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive line-up for the 2018 season.

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InsaLan 2018 Gallery

Gallery of Boom eSports Dota 2 Squad at InsaLan 2018 Dota competition

Boom eSports wins the InsaLan Dota 2 tournament

13th InsaLan has now been concluded and without a doubt we’re coming out of it as the happiest team in Dota 2. With a great victory over wé Solu our squad got the sweet 2-1 win in the grand finals.

Boom eSports Dota squad is participating InsaLan

On 24th to 25th of February, our Dota 2 team is attending one of the biggest LAN parties in France called InsaLan. We asked our team coach and analyst cArn to share some thoughts and expectations about the tournament.

Boom eSports Dota at FTVL

On 15th of February Boom eSports Dota squad started their journey for the top spot in French strongest Dota league FTVL.

Dota Squad starts JDL Divison 2

Our Dota 2 squad started their long waited JDL Division 2 season.
In Europe division there is 3 groups on the stage, where our team is on 3rd group.

Boom eSports to TTU e-Sport 2018 Winter

It’s no news to Estonian eSports fans that TTÜ e-Sport is coming this weekend and that BoomCast will be casting the whole show. But to all of our fans we promise that our Casters is not the only show that you would want to see.

Boom eSports partners with Monster Energy

We’re super glad to announce our partnership with Monster Energy Drink! Most companies spend their money on ad agencies, TV commercials, radio spots, and billboards to tell you how good their products are. At Monster they choose none of the above.

Dota2 squad victorious at Go4Dota 2 Europe Cup #146

Last weekend, there was some action once again in the Dota 2 scene, when weekly ESL Dota cup (Go4Dota 2 Europe Cup #146) took place. This time our Dota team were seeded as #1 in the brackets and were looking to pick up another great victory, as we were defending champions from last time.

Dota 2: An update from Manager

The new year has just started, and already our Dota 2 squad were in action on 7th January when another ESL’s Go4Dota2 tournament took place.

Our Dota 2 team won the FDJ Open Series Dota 2 #5

We haven’t spoken about our Dota2 team very much and now we’re making that mistake disappear. On December 16, 2017 the squad participated at FDJ Open Series Dota 2 #5 where they managed to clench the victory. 

Boom CS:GO attending Paide LAN

We might have been quiet for some while, but we’re not sleeping at all – in fact Boom eSports CS:GO squad has got some action cooking up during this weekend when our the boys have set their navigation towards Paide, where an event called Paide LAN 2018 is taking place!

InterLAN 2017 – Day two, end of the line for Boom eSports

Unfortunately we did not make it to the third day of InterLAN, during the playoffs on the second day we went against aesthetic in the first round (RO32) and were defeated by them with a score of 10:16. 

InterLAN 2017 – Gallery and overview

Day one of InterLAN has brought us 34 teams and fierce CS:GO action. Members of Boom eSports have taken the moments up with their cameras and we have concluded the gallery for that.

InterLAN 2017 – First day

First day of InterLAN has now concluded and the group stage has been finished placing Boom eSports in the second place of Group 8.

Boom eSports departs with HearthStone

We are sad to say that we have decided to part ways with our HearthStone roster and manager. After the flunk of our HearthStone player Scully at DreamHack Winter 17 the decision was made that we will step out of the HS scene. With heavy hearts we bid adieu to our key manager of HearthStone…

interLAN 2017 – Boom eSports drawn into Group 8!

This weekend, from the 8th until the 10th of December, the Boom eSports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive line-up will be in attendance at interLAN 2017.

Boom eSports welcomes Dota 2 team

Boom is growing as an organisation once again. This time around we can put our hands together and welcome our very first ever Dota 2 team! Hailing from France and Latvia, the squad is still young at the nature but has competed in many online events already.

Shifting gears in Boom management

Changes are inevitable and so with that in mind all of us here at Boom eSports are asking for you to give a very big and warm welcome to our new CEO Karl Juhan “KJK” Küling

Road to InterLAN: Interview with 2Rare2Die

December is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing – InterLAN is coming to town (see what I did there with Christmas and InterLAN … nevermind).

Scully’s going to DreamHack Winter 2017

Our HearthStone player Jamie ‘Scully v2’ Scullion is participating DreamHack Winter 17.
Scully has a proven track-record from ESL’s Go4Hearthstone UK Cups where he has placed in the podium multiple times.

Boom eSports CS:GO team to place second on Go4CS:GO #279

Boom eSports CS:GO Team finished second yesterday on ESL Go4CS:GO #279.

Boom Overwatch win the StarLadder OW Open Division: Season 1!

Yesterday, the 17th of August, the Boom eSports Overwatch team were crowned the Champions of the StarLadder OW Open Division: Season 1!

Video – Boom eSports OW at the ASUS ROG Summer 2017!

From the 3rd  until the 5th of August the Boom eSports Overwatch team were in attendance at the ASUS ROG Summer 2017, which took place  at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre in Helsinki, Finland.

Boom OW defeat Rynnäkköviikset in the ASUS ROG Summer 2017!

In our second match of the ASUS ROG SUMMER 2017 tournament, the Boom eSports Overwatch team faced off against the Finnish side Rynnäkköviikset, who fell to ENCE Esports in their opening match-up.

Boom eSports fall to GamersOrigin in the ASUS ROG Tournament!

In their first match of the competition the Boom eSports Overwatch team will face-off against French side GamersOrigin at around 14:00 EEST / 13:00 CEST.

Boom CSGO take second place in the Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #262!

Yesterday, the 30th of July, the Boom eSports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team competed in the ESL Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #262!

Groups announced for ASUS ROG Summer 2017!

Next weekend from the 3rd until the 4th of August the ASUS ROG Summer 2017 Overwatch tournament will be taking place at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre in Helsinki, Finland, during the Assembly festival.

Boom eSports CSGO qualify for ESL Open League Summer 2017 Playoffs!

The Boom eSports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team have qualified for the Playoffs of the ESL Open League Summer 2017 Season.

Boom eSports Overwatch invited to the ASUS ROG Summer 2017!

The Boom eSports Overwatch team have been invited to compete at the ASUS Republic of Gamers Summer 2017 tournament at the Finnish computer festival ASSEMBLY.

eVical parts ways with Boom eSports

Winds of change are upon us once again. This time the change isn’t so easy to speak of, rather a harsh truth that we have to face and make the best out of it. Boom eSports is sad to announce the changes in the management side..

Boom eSports acquires Cerberus eSports Europe CS:GO team

Boom eSports is glad to announce the acquisition of Cerberus eSports’ EU CS:GO team alongside with the management partition of the team. We have been keeping our eye on those talented young players and we see great future in them.

Week in Review – TTÜ Esport

An amazing weekend for Boom eSports has come to an end. We battled in Estonia with three teams out on events and we made it all the way to United Kingdom, where our Hearthstone player Scully attended Insomnia.

Boom eSports OW – Still Unbeaten

Closing in on their second Estonian major tournament Boom eSports Overwatch team is still unbeaten in the Estonian scene, claiming all the major titles in Estonia.

Boom CS:GO Academy roster change

We are sad to announce that Raido “rkL” Kuldmets has decided to leave the team due to personal reasons.

This change happened very sudden for all of us since the biggest LAN in Estonia is a week away that we have planned to participate in, but nevertheless we are eager…

Boom CS:GO tournament less than a week away

The time is here everyone. The CS:GO tournament together with FACEIT is here with a pretty nifty prize pool. Gather up your friends, pick up your keyboards and get ready to battle it out. Tournament will take place on 8th of April at 12:00EET and it’s available for everyone in Baltic and Nordic.

We are looking for a super-COACH!

Do you feel that you have what it takes to be a Boom Coach? Boom Academy Overwatch team is seeking for a coach that could help them succeed in the scene!
Our unbeatable team (in Estonia) is a great way to give your professional eSports career a start within the fastest growing eSports organisation in Estonia.

Boom eSports joins forces with AULA

AULA joins forces with Boom eSports’ CS:GO team for the season of 2017. AULA is a gaming brand offering optimal technological and aesthetical solutions for today.
It is concerned to ensure that the created technologies are relevant and affordable.

Boom eSports partners up with ESL

Boom eSports is glad to announce yet another partnership with a great company. This time around we are pleased to let all of our fans know that we have taken a step forward for our viewers.
Boom eSports has partnered with ESL (Electronic Sports League).

Boom eSports welcomes Hearthstone

We are more than happy to welcome new boomers into our cozy little (well not so little any more) family. Our fans have seen us grow over the past few months, we have brought in Overwatch, CS:GO, Rocket League, Talent team and of course our latest addition was our beloved streamer Joel.

Boom eSports welcomes Joel “MiniVanHelsing” Jesus

We are glad to announce the addition of streamers into the ranks of Boom eSports – this marks a new era for Boom, as we are moving forward with our goal to become the greatest eSports media organisation.

Boom eSports CS:GO tournaments are here

Great news everyone! We are glad to announce that we have made it to the ranks of the few blessed organisations that can organize tournaments on faceit platform.

A day in the life of CS:GO manager

Our CS:GO squads manager Peeter “RedEye” Sikk gave a brief overview on what it is like to be a team manager in e-sports scene. What are the day-to-day obstacles and challenges with what he has to constantly deal with.

Rocket League is seeking for the third member

Boom Academy Rocket League is having open tryouts for the third member of the team. The Rocket League team has shown their powers in 2v2 tournaments and matchmaking’s however now is time to move further and take things to the next level and conquer the 3v3 Rocket League scene.

Overwatch team brings in three new members

Recently there has been a change in Boom eSports’ Overwatch Academy team, where three new members have joined the Boom family and three of the past Boomers have stepped down from competitive e-sports!

Boom eSports partners with Coolbet

We are glad to announce the partnership between Boom eSports and Coolbet – in the lights of the newfound partnership we’ve asked few questions from Coolbet’s Country Manager Ervin Järvlepp. You can see these answers below.

Boom eSports takes second place at KTS League

KTS CSGO League #2 Winter has concluded for our CS:GO team and with that in mind we would like to congratulate the winners – Team Aurora, who bested us in the grand finals with the overall score of 16-6 (Overpass) and 16-6 (Train).

Boom eSports NEW Website is here!

Boom eSports is happy to announce the birth of Boom 2.0 – with a new website being released and new sponsors being announced, everyone that has been a true #boomer can say, “it’s time to party!”
We can say for certain that the best party is the boom party and the boom party don’t stop.

Boom eSports is hiring a team manager!

Due to the fact of rapid expanding Boom eSports is looking for a Team Manager. Team Manager will part of the management level at Boom eSports, overseeing every academy and professional team’s performance and report straight to upper management for any and all proposals regarding to team development.

Boom eSports wins TTÜ e-sport 2016 Overwatch

Boom eSports won the TTÜ e-Sport Autumn 2016 Overwatch championship tournament. As they have proven themselves in Estonia – we’re looking to expand their skills in the Europe scene and take them as a first semi-professional team in Boom. By saying all of that – we’re super excited to let everyone know that the team has been qualified into the Boom eSports Academy.

Boom eSports is represented at TTÜ e-Sport this weekend!

We are super excited to let you all know about our newest prospect team in Overwatch which in essence is 6 vs 6 game. Our team of 6 will be participating in TTÜ e-Sport Autumn 2016 on the coming weekend. Join us on greeting the guys from Overwatch team and cheer them to victory.

Boom eSports welcomes: talent team!

Most of Estonian e-sports community knows Boom for their casters eVical and Koffer – but as the new era of e-sports is at the break of dawn it is time to announce some new blood into that scene as well.
Starting immediately in our ranks – we would like to give a warm welcome to our newest and most profound team that will represent our organization on most of the major events in Estonia and in the Baltics – our talent team.

Boom eSports academy – announcing CS:GO roster

Merely 24 hours have passed since our last big announcement about Boom’s new Academy team in Rocket League. Now we have the utmost honor to welcome five new Boomers into our ranks.
After the acquisition of Zyptex CS:GO lineup Boom Academy proudly presents to you the following guys – who will be showing off their skills in orange now!

Welcome! Boom eSports Academy: Rocket League team

It’s always heartwarming to meet old friends and family – and today we have the possibility to welcome back our former family member Kristjan “sHOKZ” Jakobson and along his side we’re welcoming a brand new Boomer Georg-Henri “hahaGeorg” Allas.

Follow up: Boom eSports Academy and Community

Following the post from yesterday where we announced Boom Academy we’re going a bit in-depth with what Boom Academy means to us and what is our addition of Boom Community!
Boom Academy consists of multiple teams that are showing great deal of iniciative and great performance, they might be amateurish but they show signs of rapid improvement.

Announcing Boom Academy

We are excited to re-announce the search for Boom Academy teams, which in essence means that we’re seeking for new talented people who are almost reaching the top and think that they would need a strong and helping hand and wee bit of a guidance to become the legend that they feel to be inside.

Boom hearthstone is expanding

As the new era of Boom has started and the CS:GO team being disbanded under Boom’s lineups we are happy to inform all of our Boomers the fact that we won’t be staying out from the professional e-sports for a long time, actually we’re striving towards the opposite.

Boom eSports parts ways with the CS:GO roster

It is with our deepest regards that we have to inform you the disbanding of Boom eSports CS:GO team. We decided to part ways with the squad after ongoing disagreements within the team and many mishaps had been made. For now Boom is stepping down from the CS:GO arena and stepping into new and wild adventures.

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