Our Dota 2 team won the FDJ Open Series Dota 2 #5

Posted on January 8, 2018

We haven’t spoken about our Dota2 team very much and now we’re making that mistake disappear. On 

Boom eSports DOTA 2 team participated in FDJ Dota 2 Cup of which they’ve won by not giving away a single match.
16 teams were competing for the victory, with the format of Best-of-1, so if any team lost a game, it was GG and they were out for good.

Boom eSports were big favorites for the victory before the tournament started, and already in the first game showed that this time they are not taking any risks and stick with their game plan. Everything worked out well and the squad took the game with confidence and achieved a win over team Wasted Potential opened door for quarter finals against Necro Veno Viper.

Second game against Necro Veno Viper took over 27 minutes, but confident start and strong lead from the beginning gave the win with the 25-6 score to Boom eSports boys and we were waiting our semifinals.

Semifinals against team Issou_No_Jutsu were a bit different, and for the first time in the tournament we were behind score wise, as the opponents got early lead by getting first kills. But once again boys stuck with the game plan, and on the 10th minute team fight with excellent teamwork gave us 5-1 ace against the opposing force with Nikki´s killing spree. After that crucial fight, once again Boom had gained a huge lead, and after that everything went the way our team wanted. After 22 minutes of game with the lead of 27-8, GG was called out and Boom was only one step further for the cup victory.

The Finals were against team BAGAR, who played in the finals first time.  As the result of a small change of game plans, a quick early game lead were already taken. After that everything went to Boom’s way until the very end, with just over 20 minutes of game the team had clenched the cup title and 500€ of prize money along the way with it.

Boom eSports Dota2 team captain Souaib “cArn” Hanaf added a comment of his own:

Unfortunately 2 strong teams for the tournament victory were missing, and that made the win a bit easier, but in DOTA, you can’t underestimate your opponents, as we have some bad memories of losing because of overconfidence, I’m happy and satisfied that boys stuck with the plan and hold their head sharp till the end.

As the result the team earned 500€ prize pool, and looking forward to 6th January where they are competing in ESL Open.

You can check the replays of the games https://www.twitch.tv/videos/209992500 (3 out of 4 games are shown on stream)

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