Overwatch team brings in three new members

Posted on February 2, 2017

Recently there has been a change in Boom eSports’ Overwatch Academy team, where three new members have joined the Boom family and three of the past Boomers have stepped down from competitive e-sports!

First and foremost, we would like to introduce you our brand new Boomers and the newest lads to join our family.
So without further ado we are glad to present to you

Roven “Paandee” Jõekäär

Jan-Jako “Jannukaz” Passimägi

Roger “ThaPhoenix” Kikkas


The team with the new line-up will face off their first tournament today in ESL which is the Overwatch (PC) 6on6 Heroes Cup #35 Europe.
And with this note we are letting go of the players who reached glory in the Estonian scene by grabbing the first place and a title from TTÜ e-Sport 2016 OW Tournament:

Lars Johannes “Nuffenzo” Sissas

Alvar “evilmojo” Pungar

Indro “deathwish” Malleus

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