Road to InterLAN: Interview with 2Rare2Die

Posted on November 29, 2017

December is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing – InterLAN is coming to town (see what I did there with Christmas and InterLAN … nevermind). And what would InterLAN be without some fierce competition and CS:GO action. Given all of that we can happily say that our CS:GO squad is set to participate at InterLAN on the 8th – 10th December in full force.

We had a chat with our CS:GO team captain and in game leader Rainer “2rare2die” Selge

  1. What are your expectations going into InterLAN?

    Its difficult to say about expectations. The lineup has been together for about a month, but in that month, we have achieved great positioning in gGo4CS:GO so our minimum goal is to get to top5 of interLAN. But the thoughts are always on that number 1 spot

  2. Who are the main teams that you are keeping your eye on as a competitor?

    Wortex, definitely. They are a good team with some sick aimers. If some teams from the Baltics come, then we shouldn’t underestimate them either. Anyone who travels to a lan, should be strong.

  3. InterLAN isn’t far away, what is the squad doing to prepare for it?

    We are practising maps that we feel like we need to get better at. We know our map pool, so we know what needs work. Also everyone does as much individual practice as they can so we can be in top shape for our biggest challenge yet.

  4. Boom eSports CS:GO has had a good run in ESL – what are the next heights that we want to conquer?

    Getting into ESEA main is our priority, as well as winning one of the Go4CS:GO tournaments and performing well at interLAN. We got quite a tricky draw in ESEA so its going to be fun.

Boom eSports CS:GO Team is currently fighting in ESEA Open division where they were drafted against Phoenix Gaming and in the next round against the winner of SmokeMidEveryday vs RCTIC eSport. The team will try to skip ESEA Intermediate and go straight to Main league.

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