Week in Review – TTÜ Esport

Posted on April 19, 2017

An amazing weekend for Boom eSports has come to an end. We battled in Estonia with three teams out on events and we made it all the way to United Kingdom, where our Hearthstone player Scully attended Insomnia.

Though we can say we were half successful – our Overwatch team captain managed to secure first place in a 1v1 tournament organized by GG-WP Gaming Lounge giving us yet another first place in Overwatch (we’re still unbeaten in Estonia), other teams didn’t end up so well with Scully placing 18th at Insomnia, with only one win separating him from the playoffs. Our CS:GO team battled hard with one stand-in and had to face defeat on the second day of TTÜ e-Sport where they managed to grab 13th-16th place and our Hearthstone players who also attended TTÜ e-Sport made it to the playoffs but unfortunately were drafted against each other in the first round of playoffs.

From these two players Prom2tu went to semi-finals but lost a match agains Vigri and ended up playing for 3rd place against Sprite1337 which Sprite won with the score of 3:2, placing Prom2tu on 4th place.

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