Welcome! Boom eSports Academy: Rocket League team

Posted on November 17, 2016

It’s always heartwarming to meet old friends and family – and today we have the possibility to welcome back our former family member Kristjan “sHOKZ” Jakobson and along his side we’re welcoming a brand new Boomer Georg-Henri “hahaGeorg” Allas.

Our fans remember sHOKZ as a supper passionate CS:GO gamer and a supreme aimer – with countless amounts of fragmovies to his name.
He’s doing his comeback with hahaGeorg in a game called Rocket League, in which they both excel at and we’re looking them to reach the highest of highs and placements in the top of any given tournament.
Also with this announcement we are opening our series of announcements for Boom eSports Academy – they are the first to receive the title and possibility to prove themselves as the greatest gamers! We will keep a keen eye on them and wish all the best to them.

Here’s what Kristjan “sHOKZ” Jakobson had to say about re-joining Boom eSports:

The current goal is to practice constantly while participating in numerous online cups and achieve good results there eventually. A realistic target for us in the near future is to get good enough that when a LAN in Estonia pops up, we show up and close it decisively.
Overall really happy to be working with Boom again and looking forward to the unknown future of the team and Estonian e-sports scene.

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